Marijuana Legalization: Why Is Marijuana Being Legalized?


Marijuana isn’t just your typical plant, it’s something that possesses an abundance of healing properties. Much like any other type of herbal remedy out there, marijuana works in mysterious ways – it can help patients dealing with nerve pain, nausea and an abundance of other medical ailments that may affect a person. In the past, even having a little bit of marijuana on you while talking to the police could land you a hefty fine, and even a blemish on your criminal record; that’s a major problem for most people. If you can get charged and sent to jail for something as harmless as marijuana, what else do you need to be worrying about?

Marijuana LegalizationThere are many reasons as to why marijuana needs to be legalized, but don’t take it from me alone; there are numerous medical professionals out there that have nothing but positive things to say about medical marijuana. It’s a new-age medicine that’s taking the world by storm, and it could very well prove to be an inexpensive alternative to prescription pills. Not only that, but there are cases where a child is sick but cannot stand all of the prescriptions and such, so they go with the medical marijuana route (although this is in very rare cases, mind you).

Marijuana is being legalized because it needs to, essentially; anybody saying otherwise really doesn’t know the healing properties that this wondrous plant has to offer. Not only that, but the fact that young people are getting criminal charges due to anti-marijuana laws is simply blasphemous.

The Medical Aspect

There are a lot of things that medical marijuana can help with, and it allows for the patient to refuse the use of prescriptions and other medical alternatives. This is a big deal, because not everyone in the world is suited to be taking pills and such – in my personal experience, I really don’t like doing it. If I could cure my nausea problems by smoking a bit of marijuana every single day, you can bet your bottom dollar that I would greatly prefer that. The medical portion of marijuana has been studied quite a bit over the past few years, and the breakthroughs made alongside this research have fueled the legalization of the plant. If there wasn’t any positive traits to the plant, do you rally think that the government would work so hard to legalize it? The ailments that medical marijuana can assist with aren’t just your “low-tier” ones, as some serious medical problems can be taken care of as well.

Marijuana legalization can help with ailments such as:

Glaucoma – Marijuana can help prevent the eye disease known as glaucoma, which can result in a loss of vision. It happens when pressure builds up inside of your eyeballs, damaging your optic nerve in the process (which results in a loss of vision). Studies conducted in the early 1970’s proved that when marijuana was smoked, it lowered the IOP (intraocular pressure) in both those with normal pressure and glaucoma.

Improves Lung Health – If you’re a tobacco smoker, marijuana has shown to improve upon your lung capacity as well. It doesn’t impair your lung function, which was figured out during a research bid that followed 5,115 young adults over 20 years. Tobacco users lost a lot of lung function over time, but those who used marijuana showed an increase. The lung capacity increase may be to taking deep breathes while smoking marijuana, which would make sense.

Epileptic Seizures – People with tremors and epileptic seizure sufferers have shown that marijuana can help prevent their attacks. There are tons of videos online of children going through seizure fits, only to have a medical marijuana nasal spray bring them out of it. A study was conducted in 2003 by Robert J. DeLorenzo of Virginia Commonwealth University – he gave synthetic marijuana to epileptic rats and recorded the results. The rats showed no seizure-related symptoms for well over 10 hours. There’s tons of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) within weed, and it binds to brain cells that are responsible for the regulation of relaxation.

Young Adults (and People in General)

One of the major themes behind marijuana would be the charges and jail-time that would be associated with simply having some on you. When you can be jailed for carrying a drug that is known to sport healing properties, there is something wrong with the bill being implemented. Without proper marijuana legalization, the number of criminal charges being laid down on young adults (and people in general), in regards to weed, will never be handled.

It seems as if way too many people are being hit with weed-related charges, and some of them even come with jail time. With the legalization of marijuana, these charges can be avoided and the criminal records of our youth left untouched. There’s no reason to be handing out charges left and right, so it’s a good thing that global legalization is only around the corner (when I say that, I mean years, not months!).

Hopefully I’ve touched on a few specific subjects that would change the mind of an anti-marijuana person, because it isn’t just a matter of “getting high” – it’s a matter of getting medicated. This isn’t the time of hippies and potheads who don’t get jobs, it’s the time of educated people benefitting medically (and legally) from marijuana legalization.