Finding the Right Marijuana Dispensary

If you’re new to the medical marijuana world, you’re still trying to find the right dispensary to work with. Not only will the right marijuana dispensary keep you medicated, but it’s also going to offer up a decent selection of different medicating products (try saying that ten times fast!). Medical marijuana isn’t about smoking massive joints like the movies may lead you to believe, it’s a serious movement that is helping millions of people across the globe. Dispensaries are where patients go to get their weed (if they aren’t growing their own, or are waiting for a harvest) and other medicating products, so they’re important to the medical marijuana culture.

marijuana dispensaryThere are thousands upon thousands of dispensaries all over the world, and you’ll even find “Coffee Shops” where recreational marijuana use is allowed (in Amsterdam and other European regions, of course). Some are going to offer a comfortable atmosphere, where as others may try and seem fun or over the top. Some of them may seem like a small-knit family, but others are much larger and host all kinds of events. Depending on what you like, there are tons of dispensaries to be discovered out there.

Selection of Medication

If you don’t like smoking the flower, there are dispensaries that offer up concentrates. This would be anything in the form of hash or wax (which is like THC combined into a goo of sorts, but it still works for medication). Traditionally, you would smoke a little bit of marijuana through a pipe, but that’s changed for the better in modern times. Now you can pick through a vast selection of choices to medicate with, and you need to ensure that the dispensary you choose to buy from offers some variety.

They have candies and chocolates infused with marijuana, as well as other products like cakes or even drinks. The more variety being offered up by a dispensary, the better! Strain selection is important as well, as people can react differently to various strains. If you develop a favorite, you want it to be available at all times.

Keep it Local

Keep your dispensary local, as you never know when you’ll need to get some more medicine. If it’s an emergency of sorts, you should be able to get to your dispensary in a timely manner. In a perfect world, you’ll never run out of medical marijuana – but for now, it’s good to keep things close to home! Creating a hassle behind getting your medical marijuana isn’t an ideal thing to do, anyways.


If you feel like the pricing is off, check out other dispensaries online. Most of them have a pricing list available on their website, which can be used to compare the various prices from around the city. Some dispensers may charge less, but offer a lower quality medical marijuana. It’s all about finding not only the perfect balance, but the most ideal strain as well.

If you can work all of the requirements I’ve written about above into your dispensary choice, you should be good to go.