Growing Marijuana: Is It Hard (and Legal) Growing Your Own Marijuana?

If  you’re a medical marijuana patient, you may be looking into growing your own medicine. That’s not a terrible idea, and as a matter of fact, there’s a certain amount of weed that you can grow for personal use. This doesn’t mean you go out and fill an entire warehouse with marijuana plants, but it does mean you’re entitled to your own little bit; that’s something we’re going to talk about today. Growing your own medical marijuana can bring a sense of independence, especially when it must do with your medication.

Growing MarijuanaNot only is growing marijuana legal, but it isn’t that difficult to do. If you can follow simple instructions and are capable of keeping a plant alive, you should be good to go. There are many different ways to go about growing your own marijuana, and some areas might require you to do so indoors – if the climate doesn’t offer up a optimal setting, of course. If you’re a patient in Canada, they already have rules and regulations put in place.

Is It Hard to Grow?

There are indoor growing operations known as “Hydroponics”, which allow you to grow weed indoors. This is used by many medical marijuana patients, as not every single region in the world is going to offer up a reasonable climate for growth. There are tons of guides available on the internet to introduce you into the world of medical marijuana growth, and it could result in you saving a bunch of money as well.

When you can grow your own medicine, there’s no need to be buying it anymore; you’re the doctor now! If you aren’t the best person to be trying to grow medical marijuana, you can try and find a grower to pass your powers on to. The plant limit that you’re being given can be transferred to them in your name, and they can handle the growing process for you. This applies to the limits as well, which we’re going to talk about next!

Canadian Limits

If you’re a medical marijuana patient in Canada, you’re allowed to grow up to five plants per gram indoors (and two plants per gram outdoors). Through this limit, you’re still able to grow a decent amount of medicine; it should be more than enough to keep you going on a plant-to-plant basis. One plant can harvest well over an ounce of medical marijuana (which is 28 grams), if grown properly, it can have even more than that. Growing marijuana is tricky for some, but not impossible to master.

The plant number is determined by your prescription, so more serious ailments will probably call for a higher number of plants allowed. Not only that, but if you can’t grow the marijuana yourself, you’re able to give permission to another person to do so for you. If you’re in good with a medical marijuana grower already, you can give them your jurisdiction to use your plant count. At that point, it’s more than likely a beneficial relationship for both you and the grower!