The Side Effects of Marijuana

Weed is known to be a relatively safe drug, but it wasn’t always like that – people used to think it would make you mentally ill (seriously, look it up!). We know now that isn’t the case, not even close. There are plenty of effects that marijuana can bring upon a person, but none of them are negative; as a matter of fact, it’s one of them hungost beneficial plants on the planet. The medical properties behind marijuana are still being researched, but more and more of them are being uncovered each year. If you’ve ever used marijuana in the past, you already know what some of the side effects are, but it never hurts to refresh your memory!

effects of marijuana

The Side Effects

All the side effects we look at today are going to be of a positive nature, because marijuana doesn’t have any negative ones to offer. With that being said, it’s ideal that you don’t operate heavy machinery or anything of that sort while taking part in this medical practice (but that’s for your doctor to say, not me!).

Relaxation – If you’re incredibly stressed or suffer from severe forms of anxiety, medical marijuana is going to make your life much easier. When you take part in the medical marijuana practice, you feel a sense of relaxation and euphoria – something that a lot of sufferers handle with prescription pills. It also plays a pivotal role in the suppression of pain and such, which is ideal for people who don’t want to take concentrated forms of morphine.

This is also beneficial to people who suffer from depression, as it can help you relax and introduce a new sense of happiness into your routine. Antidepressants and such have very serious side effects most of the time, but marijuana is easy to use and offers no negative side effects.

Hunger – Some people have medical ailments where they either can’t eat, or simply don’t feel the need to. To defeat this, marijuana can be introduced as part of the patients’ medication regiment. It’s a known fact that marijuana makes the user hungry, as many people would refer to this as the “munchies”. If a patient is malnourished but isn’t in the mood to eat, it can prove to be worrisome – so marijuana has been used popularly to treat people of this nature.

Proven to Stop Cancer Growth – Studies have shown that cancer cells related to lung and prostate (as well as breast) ailments can be forced to stop growing through the consumption of weed. Wouldn’t it be strange if we were always looking for the cure to cancer, but it’s been in marijuana these illegal years? It could be coincidental, but I’m sure others would say different.

Liver Protection – It’s been proven to protect the liver from binge drinking as well, which is astounding. Alcohol-based steatosis can be avoided through the consumption of medical marijuana, so all the people out there that think drinking is better than smoking, read it and weep!

There are tons of different patients/people on the planets that can benefit from the use of medical marijuana, so it’s good to see that the world is becoming more accepting on the matter. It can even help in people with issues like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), as well as multiple sclerosis sufferers. It seems like the medical applications for marijuana are almost endless!

A New & Better World

The effects of marijuana are positive, regardless of your scenario. That’s why the world is becoming more accepting of the plant, resulting in laws of legalization everywhere. Amsterdam was a leader in the legalization of marijuana recreationally, which will be a stepping stone we get to eventually – for now, we should worry about getting the plant into the hands of patients that desperately need it. Once everybody has been accounted for medically, we can worry about the recreational use!

There are even studies that say medical marijuana not only keeps you skinny (due to the user reacting differently to sugars and sporting a stronger metabolism), but it also improves the symptoms associated with Lupus. This could be the difference between a face-full of uncomfortable sores, or a clear face; if the only standing between a person and their self-confidence is a joint, let it happen.